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KISS syndrome KISS is an abbreviation for the symptom complex called Kinematic Imbalances due to Suboccipital Strain, which is associated with functional disorders of the cervical spine and is frequently characterized by the child’s visibly “distorted” neck. This functional disorder is usually caused at birth, when the child's head is pressed through the mother’s narrow birth canal and subjected to very strong pressure. The head can also become twisted. The pressure and twisting movements experienced during birth can put such intense strain on the sensitive cervical spine that it is pushed out of alignment, resulting in physical asymmetry and concomitant pain symptoms. The KISS syndrome may also occur after long and difficult births requiring emergency Caesarean sections, forceps or a Ventouse suction cup. Children with KISS syndrome often exhibit the following symptoms: Frequent crying, sensitivity to touch, asymmetrical posture, swallowing and drinking problems, sleep disorders, restlessness. Therapeutic efforts by an experienced physician or atlas therapist aim at establishing a symmetrical position of the cervical spine through physiotherapy and massages. These therapy forms can be supported by PROPRIO® foot orthoses to compensate for asymmetry.